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Ramp 32 Stockpile Lighting

Bowen Basin 2010-2011

The project scope called for the installation of six 30 metre (100ft) lighting towers, to allow for continuous stockpiling on a 24 hour rotation. This project required installation to occur whilst the mine operations continued, JNI and their client had to develop a productive and most importantly safe method of installation. The key to success for this project was to deliver a lighting system that gave ample working light, yet without offering interference to the Haul vehicles drivers vision on approach.

By working alongside the projects owners and project manager, we were able to gain great insight to the working requirements for this stockpile lighting project, in turn allowing JNI to have delivered a high quality project. Offering not only increased productivity, but most importantly offering a safer working environment for all mine personnel in the area.

This project included 1.5 kilometres of trenching and underground cabling, along with just under 100 cubic metres on concrete.

Based on the combination of the our competitive pricing and client satisfaction JNI have gone onto successfully secure the second and larger stage of this project.

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